Vehicle Information

Fuel-Saving Tips


It is very important that everyone strives to save gas while using State Motor Pool cars. Below are some useful tips to help reduce gasoline consumption and maximize miles per gallon (MPG).

  1. Drive smoothly and avoid heavy acceleration or braking. Speeding, rapid acceleration, and braking can reduce MPG by 5% (for lower speeds spent driving around town) and as much as 33% (at higher speeds) on the highway.
  2. Make sure tires are neither over-inflated nor under-inflated. Maintaining proper tire pressure can improve MPG by around 3%.
  3. Remove excess weight.
  4. Use cruise control on major roads and in free-flowing traffic. Maintaining steady speeds improves MPG.
  5. Avoid idling. When vehicles idle they generate zero miles per gallon, thus reducing overall MPG.
  6. Avoid high speeds. Gasoline MPG decreases when driving at high speeds.
  7. Plan outings in advance to prevent unnecessary (e.g., separate or multiple) trips.
  8. Use the proper grade (regular, unleaded, or ethanol) of gasoline. Avoid using mid-grade or high-grade gas.